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How to Pull off a Supreme Graduation Party

School’s out forever! Any graduation is a huge accomplishment, whether it’s graduating from elementary school, high school, or college. A graduation represents the product of hard work as well as the beginning of a new adventure. So you better make sure the graduation party is perfect.


Credit: shindigz.com


Fan Masks: The absolute, most important thing to have at a graduation party, no matter what, is a massive fan mask of the graduate (pictured above). Treat the graduation party like a high-energy basketball game and celebrate! An added benefit of these freakishly large masks? They embarrass the heck out of the graduate.


Credit: somethingprettymanila.com


Polaroid Booth: Polaroid cameras are excellent for capturing the mood of a graduation party. Beyond that, young folks love the nostalgic gadgets. Set up a polaroid station with pens and a stocked Polaroid camera. Party-goers will get to take selfies and write kind messages on the photos.



Rossmoor Pastries Treats: I know, I know, I really hyped up the fan masks. But now let’s be pragmatic: the actual most important aspect of a party (besides the people, of course) is the dessert. Whether it’s the cute grad-cap-shaped cookies, the indulgent cupcakes, or the show-stopping specialty cake, desserts can transcend a graduation party to the next level. Rossmoor Pastries is your safest option for securing the most impressive, beautiful, and delicious graduation desserts.