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Fireworks vs. Rossmoor Pastries Spirit Dessert Guide

Ahh, smell the smoke in the air? It must be the 4th of July! What better way to celebrate this nation than kicking back with a delicious slice of Rossmoor Pastries cake and watching the fireworks illuminate the sky. Here are 3 types of fireworks and their Spirit Desserts:



1. Sparkler: The humble sparkler’s Spirit Pastry is a Rossmoor Pastries Cupcake. Now it doesn’t matter the flavor of the cupcake, but it should be noted that the smaller the cupcake, the more perfect the match to a sparkler. Both the sparkler and the Rossmoor Pastries Cupcake are small, yet elegant and nostalgic. Pro tip: you can eat a cupcake with one hand and hold a sparkler with your other hand (if sparklers are legal to use in your municipality). Just be careful!



2. Fountain Fireworks: A Rossmoor Pastries Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Cookie with Rainbow Sprinkles is a perfect spirit match for the classic fountain firework. The stream of flowing sparks (Rainbow Sprinkles), the static bright light (Shortbread Cookie) – it all just matches too perfectly. OK maybe we’re seeing similarities where they don’t exist – we’re self-aware enough to realize that. But what can we say? Baking is our passion, so we see it everywhere!!



3. Grand Finale Fireworks: Alright, alright, trust us on this. Grand Finale Fireworks = Rossmoor Pastries Specialty Cakes. They are both the definitive way to end a celebration. The best possible send off.


From Rossmoor Pastries to you, we wish you a very happy 4th of July! Enjoy the fireworks (and dessert)!