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Commitment to Community: Donut Boy Celebrates his 10th Birthday


Last week Donut Boy, Tyler, asked the Rossmoor family to be a part of a very special community celebration for our local first responders . This adorable 10-year-old from Alabama is on a mission to spread awareness and thank police officers for their loyal and selfless service. Tyler began his mission in August and this last week was on a very special leg of his trip; 10 states in 10 days for his 10th birthday!  Tyler has donated over 32,000 donuts nationwide to first responders and has visited over 20 states. We felt incredibly honored to have been asked to be a part of such a special birthday for such a great cause. Thank you Tyler for highlighting a group of people we are so grateful for here at Rossmoor, we are very lucky to have such brave men & women around the corner from us. Thank you Long Beach PD & Signal Hill PD for all you do and for allowing us to be a part of your special celebration!