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3 Things Mom Wants to Do for Mother’s Day (With a Dessert Pairing)

Mother’s Day is sneaking up. Here are 3 things mom wants to do for Mother’s Day. We also added relevant Rossmoor Pastries treat pairings for each activity.


1. Eat a Home-Cooked Dinner: Does she care that you’re a terrible cook? No, it’s the thought that counts! Well, unless you’re just that bad — kidding. Treat your mom to her favorite meal prepared by her favorite person. Not only will you avoid the Mother’s Day rush at restaurants, she’ll appreciate a meal from you far more than one from a stranger. Just make sure to cook something special – save the Spaghetti-O’s for another night. Don’t stress about the dessert, we have you covered. Rossmoor Pastries’ fresh-baked Red Velvet Cake perfectly caps any delicious meal.



2. Go on a Hike: Whether your mother is the matronly equivalent of Bear Grylls or abhors any form of exercise, she’ll love going on a hike or walk with you. We recommend taking an easy hike and bringing a small cooler filled with picnic foods. Be sure to make room for some of Roosmoor Pastries Mini Fruit Tarts! They’re a sweet pick-me-up, yet a light and refreshing snack – perfect for an afternoon hike.



3. Go to the Movies: OK, so your mom isn’t a hiker – or a walker. All good, same with my mom. In this case, take her to the movies! See if there are any movies out she might be interested in. If your mom isn’t into superhero movies and action flicks, check your local arthouse movie theatre. Once you find a movie your mom would love to watch with you, be sure to sneak in some Rossmoor Pastries M&M Cookies.